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Our Purpose. Our Mission.

The purpose of The Father’s Show Resource Program is to provide fathers, single or married, with a one-stop resource of information that can assist them in raising their children, positively and productively. The general public has very little knowledge of the programs and organizations that exist to support men and there are hundreds, stretched across this country.

The Father’s Show Resource Program will bridge this gap.

This website is a tool. If you're going through the process of divorce, child custody issues, mediation, or if you're searching for an attorney, we can help. Our aim is to empower men (and by extension their families) with knowledge of their rights under the law and resources they may not even be aware are available.

We are proactive and cultivate alliances with Divorce Attorneys, Judges, Child Advocates, High School Counselors, Marriage Counselors, Police Departments, Funeral Homes, Hospitals, and Churches in your area. For example, programs geared toward fathers, such as the Young Fathers Program in Denver, will have matching "brother" programs in your city and state.

The project is ambition. We started in the Denver Metro area and will expand to include the state of Colorado. Our goal is to have a dynamic list of resources for all 50 states. If your organization would like to be listed in our directory, please use this form to submit information.


The CHOICE Program

This innovative outreach program is designed as a hands-on mentoring and motivational course targeting under-served, low- to middle-income boys grades 3rd-12th.

Learn more about CHOICE.


If you would like to purchase advertising or inquire about sponsorship, submit your request here.

We're also launching an exciting and timely venture: The Father's Show Television Program, hosted by Founder and Motivational Speaker Mike Thompson. Keep visiting our site to get the date and time of our premiere. You can watch an introductory film of our program on The Father's Show You Tube Channel.

The Father's Show Resource Program is here to empower all men to become better fathers and partners. Join the discussion at our blog!